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POSTED 7/3/20
  Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we don't know yet as to what we are going to be doing come September in terms of meetings, luncheons and other social events and elections to the Executive Board. We will be following the recommendations set forth by NYSUT as to how we will proceed. As soon as we are able to set a schedule, we will post it here on our website.
     We hope that you and everyone in your families are well and stay safe! Please wear a mask and stay socially distant! We look forward to safely seeing each other again

POSTED 8/23/20
     Dr. James Michael Primavera, the son of Anne Primavera, passed away on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Anne taught English at Brentwood High School and was the Head of the English Department.
     You can view the online obituary for James.

POSTED 7/19/20
     Laura Alicastro's father, Panteleo Alacastro, passed away on July 15th. Laura retired as principal of Hemlock Park in 2013. Her address is 37 Canterbury Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788. Services are to be held on Monday from 2-4pm and 7-9pm at Mangano Funeral Home, 1701 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park NY 11729. Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday at 10:15am St. Cyril & Methodius R. C. Church in Deer Park. Burial will be family only. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society. Newsday Legacy

POSTED 8/28/20
     Josephine Geluso, a retired Health and Physical Education teacher passed away Thursday, August 27, at age 98. She taught at Hemlock Park Elementary School.  After retiring, at age 80, she began to write poetry. She published 6 books that can be viewed on her website at www.jogeluso.com.
     Condolences can be sent to her son Bill Geluso at 23 Laurel Cove Road, Oyster Bay Cove, Oyster Bay, NY 11771

POSTED 8/4/20
   Art Freed passed away on Sunday, August 2, 2020 after contracting the corona virus. Art retired from Brentwood East Middle School where he taught social studies. He was an excellent teacher who really cared about the kids. He will be missed.
     Art's ROBS History Project video interview will be featured in September's Announcement Page of the ROBS website. You can also read his bio there.

POSTED 8/28/20
    Lynda Romano's mom, Alice Siciliano, had passed away in May. Unfortunately, her rough time hasn't ended. Two weeks ago she lost her mother in law and then this past week, she lost her brother. Lynda is a member of ROBS and retired from the Administration Building in 2006. Anyone wishing to send their condolences, can send them to Lynda at: 18 Danville Drive, Greenlawn, NY 11740

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Why did we do it?
     What was our purpose in taking on such an open ended “History Project”; for which we evolved a script of questions and got answers from over 150 subjects for two decades?
     We couldn’t answer the question in 1994 when people would ask “What are you going to do with the interviews?” All we could say was that for educational purposes we had to document our record now or lose the chance to preserve so many poignant accounts, funny stories and touching tales told by exemplary educators. We knew these dedicated public servants might shortly, for reasons yet unknown, be leaving Brentwood for good.
     So, we decided to let time sort out the details. We began scheduling appointments. W
e asked questions and listened saving for generations the essence of what it meant to have been an educator or employed, in this large public school system during the second half of the 20th century. Brentwood remains an exemplar to all others; a diverse microcosm of America reflecting 124 districts on Long Island while simultaneously resembling thousands across the U.S. We’ve accomplished something here to be proud of. Whether we were interviewed or not, ours is a claim of service that few professionals in the State of New York or elsewhere have positioned themselves to share in the way we have.
     INITIALLY the practice of sitting with a subject for an hour and giving them a hundred percent focused attention seemed somewhat daunting to a number of friends and colleagues. So much so in fact that many declined our repeated invitations to speak with us as they left careers or retired from full employment. Despite all assurances that we were not about investigative journalism or invading privacy, they deferred. Now, twenty years after we began, some are saying they may be ready. “Better late than never” we say. However, to all among you who were willing to share not only your classroom experiences and personal stories, but precious memories from your lives along with your fondest hopes for the future, we say “Thanks”. Thanks for allowing us to continue the process by paying it forward as we share these interviews with the Brentwood community and countless professionals and researchers near and far. Through an acceptance of ROBS offer of collaboration with Archivist Dr. Geri Solomon and The Long Island Studies Institute at Hofstra University our History Project lives on in academia as well as in the collection of the Brentwood Public Library, thanks to Director, Thomas A. Tarantowicz.
   You can enjoy unlimited visits to www.robsny.org where you can watch and listen to segments from featured Interviews in the ROBS History Project Section on our Announcements Page each month. Return here to listen and learn again and again.


Robert (Chico) Frankel
Guidance Counselor
Interviewed 5/29/2007

Click on the image above to read Chico Frankel's biography.

See "Honoring Chico Frankel" posted in May 2009 Announcements

View Memorial to Chico Frankel - April 6, 2010 Dedication

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