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ROBS Membership 2023 - 2024

Your dues for the year are dispensed as follows:

NEWSLETTER: Whether you remain in the area or have relocated, you can stay in touch by receiving our award winning periodic newsletter that is filled with updates on member activities, topical issues as well as member written articles.

MONTHLYMEETINGS: You are welcome to attend our monthly general meetings.  Topics such as Identity Theft, Hobbies, Home Repair for Seniors, Hospice Care and building education in Africa.  Refreshments are served and socializing is encouraged after the program.  In addition, there are three social gatherings: the Holiday Luncheon, a New Year Breakfast and the End of the Year luncheon. There is a separate charge for these events.

SCHOLARSHIPS: ROBS provides scholarships for eligible graduating seniors who are pursuing a career in education or health care.  Our newsletter is printed and collated by AHRC.  This is another form of scholarship for the young people who work there.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY: A biennial listing of all members, their addresses (including an alternate address), telephone and email address. On alternate years, an addendum will be provided.

ROBS WEBSITE: We have launched our award winning website which gives you access to all things concerning the Brentwood School District.  There are yearbooks, ROBS pictures, archival material, a calendar of events, historical information and links to state, local and Brentwood organizations.

PROJECT HOPE: Each year ROBS adopts 2 - 4 families for the holiday season.  We choose our applicants from a list supplied by Suburban Children.  We will begin accepting donations at our October meeting.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership is available to those members who retired before the BTA/BCA merger, administrators, operational supervisors, and confidential secretaries. These members will have all of the rights of ROBS membership with the exceptions of holding office and voting privileges.

RETIREE COUNCIL 21: $7 of your dues entitles you to membership in RC21 and all of their activities. You are required to belong to RC21 in order to keep your NYSUT benefits.

RETIREE COUNCIL 43 (TRIF): If you are a permanent resident of Florida and want to join Florida based RC43, you must be affiliated with ROBS. RC 43 is a NYSUT organization.  ROBS dues will be $30.

In addition to membership in ROBS, we urge you to consider a contribution to VOTE/COPE. Vote/Cope tackles problems and issues facing educators still working as well as those who are retired.  Vote/Cope was instrumental in obtaining a permanent COLA added to the TRS and ERS pensions.  We recommend minimum deduction of $3 per pension check which will be $36 a year but please feel free to contribute whatever you can. We are no longer accepting Vote Cope checks. We are only offering the VOTE/Cope pension deduction option to make our bookkeeping easier.                               Download Vote/Cope Pension Deduction Authorization Card

It is imperative that you return the forms promptly and fully completed.

Fill out the Membership Application and mail it to:

Carmen Roldan
49 Linda Lane
North Babylon, NY 11703

Make checks out to ROBS.
Write "Dues" on memo line

Membership fee: $30


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