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     We have created this "In Memoriam" page for the ROBS website. While it is sad to review the names of colleagues who have died it can also bring fond memories. The listing is: last name, first name, assignment, buildings the person served in, service time and the year of death. Years marked with * mean the person died while in service. There are gaps in the listing. You can help by correcting any errors and giving us names we do not know. Once we have a name and date we can pull the other information from the Honor Roll. Contact Carmela at

     Please note that this was last updated in 2011. We would appreciate any up-to-date information you might have. Thank You!

How Well Did We Know Them?
by Nick Siciliano 4/04

We passed them in the halls and
perhaps we nodded or exchanged pleasantries

We saw them at faculty meetings. Maybe
they expressed some views on a subject of

We may have seen them in the teachers'
cafeteria. We might, but rarely, have engaged them
in conversation.

Did we really get to know them?

They were our colleagues.

Time passes. We retired.

Now we read obituaries. They are passing on
one by one. Our turn will also come.

Perhaps we will meet them all in the spiritual school
in the sky and get to know them better.

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