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  IN THE NEWS                                                                JUNE 2009


     Suburban Housing is the organization in charge of the families sent to us each holiday season for Project Hope. They have an after school tutorial program servicing these and other families with participating children from all grades. This year the program was in need of books, educational games, and supplies. Through the generous efforts of you, our ROBS members, we were able to donate funds to assist this organization. Seen here are some of the results of those efforts, with children Project Hope has directly touched.  The following is a letter and photo that ROBS received from Suburban Housing:

           Click on image for larger view

Dear Friends,
     I would like to thank you on behalf of Suburban Housing and our children for your very generous contribution to our tutoring program. The children were thrilled to play with Multiplication Bingo, Chess and Up-words. It motivated them to complete their homework quickly and correctly.
     A special thanks to Peter Vercillo for helping me select the proper educational games and supplies. His suggestions were wonderful and I would not have done it as well without him.
     I have enclosed a picture of some of the supplies and a few of the children who will be using our purchases. They are of the Brentwood School District and have been adopted by R.O.B.S. for the holiday seasons in the past.
     I am very grateful for your support over the years and look forward to hearing from you in the fall.
                                 With Gratitude,
                                 Michele Beecher
                                 Educational Liaison
                                 Suburban Housing

POSTED 6/26/09

     Four Brentwood H.S. seniors, who will be entering the field of education in September, were chosen by the ROBS Scholarship Committee to receive scholarship awards. The Jack Zuckerman Award for $1000 went to Esther DeFournoy and the Lilian Kelly Award for $500 went to Edward Watson. Jessica Beltran and Andres Martinez each received
one of the two $500 ROBS Scholarship Awards. Below is a photo of the recipients with ROBS President, Phyllis Goodwin.

Click on image to enlarge

POSTED 6/12/09

   This article is taken from the ROBS Newsletter, June 2009, Issue 78

  Island Harvest is a Long Island based organization that collects non-perishable food and personal care items for the needy and homeless in our communities. At the ROBS May meeting a vote was taken to participate in their effort by members bringing non-perishable food items to our meetings. This drive will start with the September meeting.
     The next Newsletter will have an article about Island Harvest and how we can participate as individuals and as an organization.
     If you no longer live on Long Island check your local papers and telephone book for similar organizations if you wish to donate food or personal items.

POSTED 6/13/09

  Angela Jean Geraci, mother of Nick, has passed away. The arrangements are as follows:
   Raynor and DeAndrea Funeral Home     245 Montauk Hgy. West Sayville 11296   631-89-2345.
      Sunday 7-9:30 PM
      Monday 2-4:30 PM 7-9:30 PM
      Tuesday - Service to be held at 10AM
Condolences may be sent to 32 Revelyn Ct. Sayville NY 11782
View "A Loving Tribute to Angela Geraci"

POSTED 6/23/09

Gloria Hannemann, Phyllis Goodwin, & Chris Veech - RC21 Luncheon 6/22/09
      At the April New York Teacher Journalism Competition Luncheon in Buffalo, ROBS won awards for Best Web Site in Class R-II and Best News Story in Class R-II. Phyllis Goodwin, President of ROBS, attended the event in Buffalo to receive the awards. Plaques were also presented at the RC21 Awards Luncheon on June 22, which was held at the Meadowedge Restaurant - West Sayville Country Club. Chris Veech, ROBS Newsletter Editor and Gloria Hannemann, Web Coordinator received the plaques along with a bottle of Champagne in recognition of their fine accomplishment.
     To see more photos view the New York Teacher Journalism Award 2009 Album which is located on the Photo Gallery Page of the ROBS Web Site.


     Dot Zuckerman is planning another one of her wonderful trips on January 27, 2010. It is a 22 day trip to Australia and New Zealand that will cost $6,424 per person including round-trip air transportation.
     You can view the travel brochure here to see the details and itinerary.
     For more information, and to book your trip, please contact Dot at:
Email: dotzee@optonline.net

Ivy Rosenthal pictured with Andy Coccari  
     Ivy Rosenthal was honored at the Brentwood H.S. Athletic Awards Dinner on Wednesday, June 10, by having a "Most Valuable Player Award in Tennis" named after her.  She also presented the award to the 1st recipient, Katherine Trujillo. The dinner took place at the Watermill Restaurant in Smithtown.
     To see more photos of this event, you can view the Album which is on the Photo Gallery Page of the ROBS site.

POSTED 7/1/09

     Bob Merz, Reading Consultant at Pine Park, passed away yesterday, June 30th. The viewing and service will take place on Thursday July 2, 2009 from 7-9 PM at Hawkins and Davis Funeral Home,
17 Manor Rd in Smithtown.
The number is 231-6571.
     Condolences may be sent to Ruth Merz at PO Box 395 Stony Brook NY 11790.

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By Bobbe Frankel

The folowing is a letter written by Chico Frankel's wife Bobbe. She kindly allowed us to share this with our ROBS members.

     I awoke this evening to a shadow in the room and Maggie barking. I had fallen asleep with Skylar around 7:30. We had played at the beach for hours and both had been up late the previous night at parties. She and I were exhausted and decided to turn in early. I had wanted to set the alarm for 1:00 AM to do my monthly ritual to Chico. He died three months ago at 1:15AM. I was afraid the alarm would wake her and sort of knew I would wake up. I have been reading emails friends sent to me about their love for Chico and enjoying the quiet in the house and the peace in my soul.

     Maggie is asleep now at my feet and Skylar is sound asleep in my bed. She did not talk about her Booie tonight. It was the first time since she lost him that she did not fall asleep on his side of the bed crying because she missed him. She of course talks about him during each day we do spend together. They were so emotionally connected, and I pray she will always hold him in her heart. She has so much of him in her and at times I just see him when I look at her face.

Tonight when I let Maggie out at 11:30 a white butterfly went past me on the deck just like last month. I quickly distracted Maggie tonight, as she chased the butterfly into the house and into her mouth last month. I had thought perhaps it represented Chico's spirit until I saw her swallow it. I then tried to change the thought. Now I realize his soul is translucent and even if he went into her mouth he would fly through. I do look for signs of him. His garden is beautiful now. The rain has made all the plants so lush. The pond is almost perfect, and in another month I will bury his ashes in the garden. I still have work to do to get it ready.

     So many of you have given me so much support throughout the three years he was ill and now that he is gone. The phone calls, emails, dinners, play dates, cards, home-cooked meals, day and overnight trips, walks, hugs, intimate talks, shared tears and laughter, love, friendship and shared experiences have kept me going and enriched my life. Many of you tell me I am strong. I realize Chico's spirit and all of you, are the wind beneath my wings". I could not do this without your support. Thank you for all that you do. If I do not take enough time to tell you how important you are in my life I am doing it again now. Thank you for saving my life. I love you all very much. Bobbe

     I will get ready soon to light a candle again for Chico. I do this monthly at 1:15 AM. The nurse told us then that he was gone. I will never forget taking my head up off of his chest and looking at him and quietly getting my things together and leaving his room and hospice with my family...Jenn, Gabe, and Larry. It was the end and the beginning of a new life, no longer the "we". As I relive this moment now I know that the moments we shared will remain in my heart forever. No one can ever take the love we shared together away from Me. This is kind of a very unique and special feeling. Thank you for loving both Chico and I and being our friend in the "circle of love".

View "Sad Sharing" printed in ROBS Announcements April 2009

  THE TOWN CRIER -  MarilynDePlaza@aol.com

Marilyn DePlaza




POSTED 7/5/09

        In Loving Memory
    Ambros Joseph Hickey
      12/12/26 - 5/30/09

Farewell to thee! but not farewell
To all my fondest thoughts of thee:
Within my heart they still shall dwell;
And they shall cheer and comfort me.

                                  -Anne Bronte
The Family of Bob Hickey
wishes to inform you of his passing
              Mary Randall,
           Teresa Durocher,
          Kathleen Devanney
               Sean Hickey

POSTED 7/7/09

To Marilyn Deplaza
From Bobbe Frankel

     Shirley Brown was a physical education teacher at the East Junior High, later renamed the East Middle School for forty+ years. Shirley passed away on July 3, 2009 from cancer. She was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana and attended college at Grambling State College. Her husband Ricardo Brown passed away five years ago after serving for many years as an assistant principal at Roosevelt High School. She is survived by a sister Kathy Moses who was with her often over the past few years. Shirley had been planning to move back to Baton Rouge in the fall to be with her extended family. The funeral will be held at Windfield Funeral Home,7221, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70811.

     Shirley was a very beloved teacher. The students all looked at her as a mother and treated her with the greatest respect. She could handle every type of student and the bigger challenge they were the more enjoyable the experience for her. She had a great sense of humor with her students and could get the toughest students to get dressed and participate. She often told her students that she had taught there grandparents so not to try to get anything over on her. Shirley did not hesitate to reprimand or to praise a student consistently in order to get their trust. Over the years every student who had Mrs. Brown praised her and talked about how much they loved her. She gave students gifts of clothing, books, money, sneakers and clothing: however she insisted that it be given anonymously. She was very private and did not want anyone to sing her praises. She gave from the heart and yet acted at times that it was just easy to love her students.

Having been very close with her, I know the tears she would shed worrying about "her kids",as she called them. She treated her students as if they were her own. Many days Shirley would talk to the kids about different morals and life lessons, during her lunch hour. She never left the gymnasium to come to lunch. She came to school very early in the morning and stayed till very late in the day. Shirley taught gymnastics to the students and put on performances for years and years. She also had the students prepare year after year for a "Gym Show". She did most of the choreography and training herself for many years and helped get the costumes etc. together so that it was spectacular. She did get some help from Leon Weissman and Ron Albaum who taught in the gym with her.

     Mel Hamilton was in touch with her these past few years. They had started teaching together in the 60's. Shirley always said she was fine and that things were going well to most of her friends. Mel was one of her dearest friends that she did talk to about some things, yet she again was very private. If you wish to send a card you can send the card to her sister Kathy Moses at 1187 Catalta St., Baton Rouge, Louisiana.70815 Donations can be made to the American Cancer Society or to the Families in Need Program at East Middle School. Shirley was very involved with purchasing clothing, school supplies, gifts, and foods for this program during the holidays.

     All of us that knew Shirley will remember her with love forever. She was a kind, caring, and extremely competent teacher who influenced the lives of thousands of students. She saved many lives over the years through her dedication. I will be in touch with her sister in October to see about setting up a memorial for her in the late Fall and perhaps hanging a plaque at East in her memory.

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