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  IN THE NEWS                                                                        OCTOBER 2008

October 31 - ROBS Membership Dues for 2008-09 due

November 7, 2008
ROBS General Meeting
Suffolk County Police Emergency Identification Program and
Project Hope Kickoff


     On Friday, October 24 from 6-10 pm, John Sherin and his Quartet will be playing at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale. John retired in 1992 from Brentwood Ross High School where he taught social studies. You can read the full story below, "Well, Who Knew?", in the "What You Didn't Know Column."

10/29/08 - UPDATE
 Their performance at the Snapper Inn was a success and greatly enjoyed by all who attended. If you missed it, you can watch this short video clip of one of their numbers. Sit back and enjoy
Play Playboys Live video

11/03/08 - JUST ADDED
 Here's another video clip of the quartet performing a number entitled "Blue Lights".
Play 50's Jazz Experience video


     The opening and dedication of the new Brentwood High School swimming pool took place on Saturday, October 11, 2008. The swimming pool is located behind the Ross High School building. Pictured below is the President of the Board of Education, George M.Talley.  You can view more photos here of this memorable event.

POSTED 10/23/08

     Elaine Cucciniello's (NE) husband, Henry, passed away on October 21 at the age of 86.  Reposing at Moloney's Hauppauge funeral home   840 Wheeler Rd. Rte. 111.  Religious service will be held Friday at 8 pm.  Funeral Mass will be held Saturday 9:30 am at St. John of God R.C. Central Islip.  Interment at
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Coram.  Visitation Friday 2-4 pm and 7-9pm.

Condolences can be sent to:
Elaine Cucciniello
485 Ackerman Street
Central Islip,Ny 11722


     This year we are concerned about our decline in membership for ROBS. Our current membership is 261 members as opposed to last year which was 420 members. If you have not yet paid your dues, please send your check to Marge Kirchner ASAP. Perhaps you just forgot, so please take a look at your check register to see if you have paid or not. Please go to the Membership Page for the application and mailing instructions, and to see how your dues are dispensed. You can read more about the effects of the membership decline in the article "Temporary New Look" in the September-October Issue of the ROBS Newsletter


By Dorothy Zuckerman*
NYSUT Retiree Services Consultant

     By now you have probably received a glossy message from your State Senator detailing all the wonderful aspects of the proposed school property tax cap and what it would do to “reduce your family’s school tax burden.”  The tax cap legislation that the State Senate passed this summer would require school property taxes to increase by no more than 4% a year; however if 55% of school district voters chose to spend more, they could do so.   Wealthy districts would be able to spend as much as they wanted on their educational programs while the poorer communities would be forced to increase class size, reduce staff and benefits, cut activities,  programs and services in order to stay within the mandated 4% ceiling. Today’s financial crisis climate will require increased expenses on many normal school-related costs such as heating, transportation fuel and food,  but a    mandated tax  cap would prevent many schools from making the necessary budget adjustments to meet these needs. Affluent districts could privatize programs by having individuals raise additional money to support the programs they want to maintain; needier districts could face the destruction of their educational gains. 

    A proposed alternative to the 4% tax cap is an income-based tax circuit breaker.  The State Assembly passed a circuit breaker proposal this summer.  While the Senate tax cap proposal relies solely on property tax assessments, the circuit breaker would make adjustments to taxes relative to household income. School taxes would be based more on income than on the value of the house, preventing property taxes from causing an “overload”  on household income. The state would set a formula that a household would be expected to pay in property taxes based on a maximum percentage of the total household income.  For example, seniors with high property taxes but reduced income would see immediate tax relief. Property taxes that exceed the state formula percentage would be returned to households through an income tax credit or a cash rebate.
We need to make our voices heard - write a letter to your local paper; speak to your neighbors. Election Day is almost here - Let your state senator and assembly representative know that you want them to support the circuit breaker and to oppose the tax cap.  Call 877-255-9417 or send a fax from www.nysut.org

*Dorothy retired in 1991 from Northeast Elementary School. She is presently the President Emerita of ROBS.




     Jean was Front Office Secretary at South Elementary School and for Conrad G. Follansbee when he was the Principal at the South Annex to the High School & Administrator for the Maslow-Toffler School.
(Masslow-Toffler School 1979)

     The following is a message from Jean along with a photo of her and her husband Frank:
"Hi All, 
     This is us at our church gathering which took place after the 11:00 Service.  It was a ground breaking ceremony and there was music and singing and a short Service and then a
nice lunch.   They are expanding our church to make more room for
more people who want to join.
    We were Ushers the whole month of August.  We enjoy being members of this United Methodist Church.
     Love to all." 

                View Photo


By John Sherin

    Fifty years ago before anyone else used the name, we were the "Play Boys". We became the Jon Sherin Quintet after several of us married.
     Today we use the name of who ever among us books the engagement. Now a quartet we lost our beloved keyboard and piano player Joseph Caruso, to cancer in 1996. He was the identical twin brother of vibes player Victor Caruso
     Our percussionist John Morena, has arranged with the Snapper Inn for us to play there on Friday, Oct. 24th from 6 - 10pm. Alexander Abruzzo will be on guitar.
      We're glad to still be together after so long a friendship. We don't play as often as we'd like - lives, family and careers continue to move us in different directions; as they have for over half this century in education, architecture, music, and business.
      We play modern jazz with a distinctive Shearing sound and do many classic American melodies of the 30's. 40's 50's and beyond.
View Photos


     My name is Ruth Teich and I'd like to tell everyone why my daughter calls herself an Internet Orphan. At least twice a day I spend time on my new-found, dearly loved website www.paperbackswap.com. there I am known as Ruth T, nickname RegencyBelle, email address: thegrandsophie@hotmail.com. People all over the country have sent books I've selected from the PBS list of available titles. I've paid nothing for this service. When I have mailed items to Club members who

request my books, I've paid for the postage -around $2. I even print my own book wrapper from the screen. Some club members print their postage that way too. Once you join, I recommend that you decide on a nickname and perhaps, an email address dedicated to books. Before you do so, you will have the opportunity to list 10 books you would like to trade. For this, you will get 2 credits to enable you to select 2 books. Once other members, and there are thousands across the country select a book from your shelf, mail it and receive another credit. I could go on for hours, writing about the over 2,500,000 books from categories such as Mystery, SciFi, Cooking, Romance, Westerns, History, Religion and Children's Literature and many more too numerous to mention. Instead, why don't you log on the website. You'll have your own personal tour guide who will explain things a lot better than I can.
     If you would like to contact me, my phone number and email address are listed in the ROBS Directory and send your phone number to me. If you decide to join the PBS group. I would appreciate it if you used my nickname and or email address when they ask you how you found out about PBS. I think I get credit for this. There's always that extra book on my Wish List. That reminds me..............
Happy Reading
Ruth Teich
Northeast Elementary Teacher

* Articles appear in ROBS Newsletter September-October. See Newsletters

  THE TOWN CRIER -  MarilynDePlaza@aol.com

Marilyn DePlaza


Dear Colleagues,
  You are invited to have lunch with me, Lil  Jason, Loretta Ellington and all our friends who care to join us on Thursday, March 12, 2009.
   We will eat again at Padrino's  (unless you know some other restaurant that will reserve a table for us during season) at 12 noon.  This year, we will have a slight change. Everyone will pick up their own checks and can order from the menu or have the buffet, whichever one chooses. Most of you are familiar with the food and location, but I will still need a final count by March 10th to give to the owner. Please call me at 561-488-1267 (H) or 561-716-6068 (C) for further information or email me at MarilynDeplaza@aol.com


POSTED 10/26/08

(H.S.Yearbook 1980)
 Bill Heran, who retired from Sonderling H.S. Gudance in 1990, passed away this morning. The viewing will be on Wednesday 2-4:30 pm and 7-9 pm at Chapeys Funeral Home in East Islip. The funeral will be Thursday at Christ Lutheran Church on Carleton Avenue in Islip Terrace, north on Sunrise Hwy on the east side of Carleton.  Condolences may be sent to Bill Heran's family at:
                  6 Dorset Lane
                  East Islip NY 11730


Concetta Acunzo is almost at her goal, and all of the money goes to cancer patients and their families.  Please log onto the site to find out everything Team Continuum does.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  All of the athletes train hard for many months in order to participate in this wonderful event.  Thank you for your time and any consideration.
Toni and George Acunzo

POSTED 10/26/08

E-mail from Eileen Kelly:
    " Cartez Johnson from South Middle School is retiring this year.  He has been teaching there for over 40 years.  I am not sure of how many people on your address book knows him but I figure I would just pass the word." See: Details of Cartez & Betty Johnson's Retirement .

POSTED 10/31/08

Eleanor Burkitt, secretary at Southeast front office 1990, passed away on October 29, 2008. Reposing  at  O.B. Davis Funeral Home  1001 Rte. 25A  Miller Place. Visitation Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. Funeral Mass Monday  at 10am at St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church, Shoreham. Interment - Long Island National Cemetary.
Condolences may be sent to:
    414 Belfast Lane
    Ridge NY 11961

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