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Members Photos

Gaetana Grobluski Photography Exhibit - Sachem Public Library - Reception - February 10, 2008
Kevin McWhirter, Gae Grobluski, Guy Nelson Kevin McWhirter, Gae Grobluski, Guy Nelson
  Edie Welch

June 24, 2008
Gaetana Grabluski's Memorial Service

The Memorial Plaque

The Memorial Plaque and Garden

Superintendent of Brentwood Schools, Les Black (Emeritus)

Former Superintendent of Brentwood Schools, (Emeritus)

Ed Franchi

Ed Franchi and Les Black

Laura D’Andrea, Gae's Daughter

Laura D’Andrea, Gae's Daughter

Edythe Welch, Gae's friend

Memorial Plaque & Garden with Audio Tech in background

Edythe Welch, Gae's friend

Preparing for release of doves

Preparing release of white doves

Release of doves

Memorial Plaque

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