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General Meeting - September 8, 2017
Welcome New Members
Facilitator - John Sherin

New Retirees
(L to R):
Barbara DeLillo, Linda Kuebler and Patti Eichner

John Sherin

(L to R): Yvonne Bohm, Amalia Moise, Susana Bouza,Theresa Kolker, Linda Kuebler

(L to R): Letty Sustrin, Valerie Vismale, Millie Kresse, Jim Nanos

General Meeting - October 6, 2017
AARP Presentation - Volunteering

General Meeting - November 3, 2017
Managing Stress - Presenter - Deborah McElligott, Nurse
Practitioner, Northwell Health

Holiday Luncheon - December 1, 2017
Irish Coffee Pub, East Islip

(Left to Right) Gloria Hannemann, Mark Kuebler, Janet Verdi, Lois Morella,, Anne Mygland, Phyllis Goodwin, Letty Sustrin

(Left to Right) Adrienne Eastman, Paula Moore, Valerie Vismale, Carmela Criscione

Frank and Vernell Spencer

Connie and Anthony Gennaro

(Left to Right) Lois Morella, Eleanor Roode, Maureen Finnegan

(Left to Right) Mark Kuebler, Ronda Brooks, Gloria Hannemann

(Left to Right) Nancy Churchillo, Barbara DeLillo, ?, BArbara Terlecki, ?, ?, Nickie DiPietro, Amalia Moise, Susana Bauza

(Left to Right) Eleanor Roode, Maureen Finnegan, ?, ?, Diane Spagnuolo, ?, Connie Gennaro, Anthony Gennaro

(Left to Right) Marty Hochheiser, Mark Kuebler

(Left to Right) Valerie Vismale, ?, ?, Aggie Vitale, Phyllis Goodwin, Janet Verdi,
Mark Kuebler, Linda Kuebler, Adrienne Eastman, Carmela Criscione

(Left to Right) Alice Nedig, Theresa Kolker

(Left to Right) Ronda Brooks, Gloria Hannemann, Mark Kuebler

(Left to Right) Barbara Terlecki, Amalia Moise

(Left to Right) Nancy Churchillo. Barbara DeLillo, ?

ROBS Breakfast - January 12, 2018
Candlelight Diner, Commack, NY

Anthony and Connie Gennaro

General Meeting - April 6, 2018
Benefits of Yoga
Presenter: Laura Albert

Laura Albert




(Left to Right) Nancy Churchillo, Laura Albert, Valerie Vismale, Ellen Edlestein

General Meeting - May 4, 2018
Friends of America's VetDogs
Presenter: Cliff Miller

Cliff Miller

One of the VetDogs puppies in training

Contact information for the Friends of America's Vet Dogs

(left to right) Anthony Gennaro, Cliff Miller, Connie Gennaro

(left to right) Anthony Gennaro, Cliff Miller, Connie Gennaro

(left to right) Anthony Gennaro, Cliff Miller, Connie Gennaro

(left to right) Anthony Gennaro, Cliff Miller, Connie Gennaro

Brentwood High School Awards Night
ROBS Scholarship Winners
May 31, 2018

Jim Nanos and Crystal Benavides

Jim Nanos and Karen Carcamo

Lauren Gutierrez and Jim Nanos

Laeticia Petion and Petion

End Year Luncheon - June 1, 2018
Villa Olivetti - St. James, NY

(L to R) Diana Mallon, Joan Scully, Edie Welsch

(L to R) Fran Roesner, Barbara Terlecki, Barbara DeLillo

(L to R) Letty Sustrin, Maureen Finnegan

(L to R) Anne Mygland, Barbara Mascaro, Sue Lanchantin

(L to R) Nancy Churchillo, Johanna Kane

Seated (L to R) Marie Battaglia, Diane Spagnoulo; Standing (L to R) Margaret Dineen, Lois Morella

(L to R)
Florence Corkery, Phyllis Goodwin, Kathryn Corkery

(L to R) Gloria Hannemann, Martin Hochheiser

(L to R) Johanna Kane and Nancy Churchillo

(L to R) Valerie Vismale and Phyllis Goodwin

Florence Corkery's 100th birthday celebration

(L to R) Florence Corkery, Phyllis Goodwin

(L to R) Kathryn and Florence Corkery

Executive Board Luncheon - August 16, 2018
Villa Olivetti - St. James, NY

Back row (L to R) Carmela Criscione, Susana Bouza, Ronda Brooks, Jim Nanos, Ellen Edlestein, Valerie Vismale, Nick Siciliano
Front row (L to R) Adrienne Eastman, Letty Sustrin, Phyllis Goodwin, Barbara Mascaro

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