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ROBS Meetings & Functions

First General Meeting ROBS - 2009-2010 School Year
September 11, 2009

Back Row: Kerrie Orzechowski, Drew Robinson, Margaret Leonard
Front Row: Madge Demers, Sandra Chase, Madeleine Mazella


Harriet Pepine, Marge Kirchner, Madeleine Mazella


Lucille Fink and Karen Scharf


Drew Robinson, Susan Leonard, Madeleine Mazella, Marty Hochheiser

Kerri Orzechowski, Ellen Edelstein, Drew Robinson, Susan Leonard


Steve Rochester and Nick Siciliano


Diana Mallan, Steve Rochester, Joan Scully, Karen Scharf, Adrienne Eastman


Lorraine Hein and Don Kubicsko


Anne Mygland and Madeleine Mazella


Maureen Stevenson, Lucille Fink, Evelyn Sekac


Marti Davidson, Letty & Sheila Sustrin, Adrienne Eastman, Miriam Massucci, Ellen Edelstein, Peter Vercillo


Peter Vercillo, Barbara Terlecki, John Sherin, Kathy Guleksen, Ruth McCalla


Letty and Sheila Sustrin

General Meeting - October 2, 2009
"Remember Yesteryears"
Antiques, Jewelry and Collectibles by Mindy Skura

Harriet Pepine, Ruth McCalla & Lynn Prass

Dot Zuckerman, Paula Moore, Diana Mallon & Joan Scully

Sheila Sustrin with antique clock

Awesome Antiques

Terrific Treasures


NYSUT Retiree Conference - November 10, 2009
Watermill, Smithtown, NY

Back Row(L-R): Amy Leftenant, Miriam Massucci, Frank Spencer, Vern Spencer, Carl Perrino, Ruth McCalla
Front Row (L-R): Carmela Crisicione, Adrienne Eastman, Harriet Pepine


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ROBS General Meeting - 2009-2010 School Year
April 16, 2010

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ROBS General Meeting - May 7, 2010
History Project - Moments to Remember

Retiree Council 21 Annual June Awards Luncheon
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Meadowedge Restaurant - West Sayville Country Club

Kathy Williams Ging

Phyllis Goodwin and Kathy Williams Ging accepting Community Service Award

Phyllis Goodwin and Kathy Williams Ging

Carmela Criscione, Kathy Williams Ging, Gloria Hannemann display their awards.

Carmela Criscione, Kathy Williams Ging, Gloria Hannemann

Kathy Williams Ging and her mother

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