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General Meeting - September 7, 2018
Welcome New Members

(L. to R.) Phyllis Brusca, Doris Silvagnoli, Nick Siciliano, Patricia Booy, Antonia LaColla-Henke


General Meeting - October 5, 2018
Community Involvement - Speaker: Gary Teich

Carmela Criscione with Gary Teich

Holiday Luncheon - December 7, 2018
Irish Coffee Pub - East Islip

(L. to R.) Christina Ayasse, Nickie DiPietro, Amalia Moise, Susana Bouza, Orieta Blanco, Gina Schnyer

(L. to R.) Diana Mallon, Joan Scully, Ellen Edelstein

(L. to R.) Marty Hochheiser, Gloria Hannemann

(L. to R.) Adrienne Eastman, Edie Filosa, Carmela Criscione

(L. to R.) Toni LaColla-Henke, Patti Booy

(L. to R.) Valerie Vismale, Carmen Roldan, Barbara DeLillo, Helen Feeny, Barbara Terlecki

(L. to R.) Valerie Vismale, Margaret Demers

(L. to R.) Virginia Guarino, Connie & Tony Gennaro

(L. to R.) Eleanor Roode, Diana Spagnuolo, Rachel DeCaesar

(L. to R.) Maureen Finnegan, Sue Lanchantin

(L. to R.) Letty Sustrin, Lois Morella, Marie Poppo, Marie Canale

(L. to R.) Carole Comerford, Peter Vercillo

(L. to R.) Barbara Mascaro, Janet Verdi

(L. to R.) Anne Mygland, Loretta Ellington, Letty Sustrin

(L. to R.) Margaret Demers, Pat Schuler, Toni LaColla-Henke, Patti Booy

(L. to R.) Doris Silvagnoli, Virginia Guarino

New Year Breakfast - January 4, 2019
Candlelight Diner, Commack

(L. to R.) Orieta Blanco, Susana Bouza, Amalia Moise

(L. to R.) Ellie Talarek, Nora Kirdahy, Patti Booy, Antonia LaColla-Henke

(L. to R.) Myra Feeny, Anne Hutnick

(L. to R.) Toni LaColla-Henke, Carmela Criscione

(L. to R.) Herb Laub, John Sherin

(L. to R.) Tom DiPietro, Tony & Connie Gennaro

(L. to R.) Diana Spagnuolo, Nickie DiPietro

(L. to R.) Nancy Churchillo, Orieta Blanco

(L. to R.) Barbara Terlecky, Helen Feeny, Barbara DeLillo

(L. to R.) Barbara DeLillo, Rachel DeCaesar

Joan –our hostess

(L. to R.) Adrienne Eastman, Frank Spencer

(L. to R.) Edie Filosa, Barbara Terlecki

General Meeting - March 1, 2019
Brentwood High School Chorus Presentation

General Meeting - April 5, 2019
Fall Prevention
Presenter: Susan Kullen, Physical Therapist at Good Samaritan Hospital


General Meeting - May 3, 2019
Member Social - Bring Your Favorite Games

(L. to R.) Phyllis Goodwin, Nick Siciliano, Anne Mygland - Playing Scrabble

(L. to R.) Sue Lanchantin, Toni Acunzo, Gloria Hannemann - Playing Mah Jongg

(L. to R.) Ronda Brooks, Gloria Hannemann - Playing Backgammon

Brentwood High School Awards Night
ROBS Scholarship Winners
May 23, 2019

(Left to Right) Kaila Young, Kayara Gonzalez, Iris Canessa, Ariana Vargas

(Left to Right) Kaila Young, Kayara Gonzalez, Iris Canessa, Ariana Vargas

End Year Luncheon - June 7, 2019
Hauppauge, NY

NY State Senator Monica Martinez

NY State Senator Monica Martinez

NY State Senator Monica Martinez

(L to R) Barbara Mascaro, Senator Monica Martinez, Senator's Aide

(L to R) Barbara Mascaro, Senator Monica Martinez, Senator's Aide

Valerie Vismale

RC-21 End Year Luncheon - June 18, 2019
Timber Point Country Club
Great River, NY

ROBS was presented with several awards at the luncheon. They were presented with two NYSUT-NEA RC21 Journalism Awards, the NYSUT-NEA Retiree Council Certificate of Achievement and the VOTE-COPE Abel Blattman Award

(L to R) Barbara Mascaro and Kathy Lyons

Carmela Criscione


Carmela Criscione

Phyllis Goodwin

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