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General Membership Meeting - September 9, 2016 - 25 Year Anniversary of ROBS
Welcome New Members
A ROBS Payday Exercise - John Sherin, Facilitator 

Ollie - ROBS Mascot

New Retirees
(L to R): Aggie Vitale, Nora Kirdahy, Katherine Werner

(L to R): Aggie Vitale, Nora Kirdahy, Katherine Werner

Nora Kirdahy

(L to R) Madeleine Mazella and Vinni Ercole

Drew Robinson

Donald Kubicsko

(L to R) Connie Gennaro and JoAnn Brown

Orieta Blanco

Valerie Vismale

Johanna Kane

Phyllis Goodwin

General Membership Meeting - October 7, 2016
Enhanced Fitness - Bay Shore YMCA








General Membership Meeting - November 4, 2016
Holistic Wellness - Guest Speaker - Dr. Ray



Holiday Luncheon - December 2, 2016
Irish Coffee Pub, East Islip

(Left to Right) Elanore Roode, ?, Diane Spagnuolo, ?, Fern Sasso, Debbie Gonzalez

(Left to Right) Adrienne Eastman, Betty Lou Heran, Marty Hochheiser, Gloria Hannemann, Marti Davidson, Johanna Kane

(Left to Right) Phyllis Goodwin, Valerie Vismale

(Left to Right) Johanna Kane, Nancy Churchillo

(Left to Right) Maria Canale, Letty Sustrin, ?, Barbara Mascaro, Anne Mygland

(Left to Right) ?,Orieta Blanco, Susana Bauza, Nickie DiPietro

New Year Breakfast - January 6, 2017
Candlelight Diner
Commack, NY

(Left to Right) Jenny Court, Nancy Churchillo, Carmen Roldan

(Left to Right) Elanore Roode, Orieta Blanco, Susana Bauza, Nickie, DiPietro & husband

Connie and Anthony Gennaro

Johanna Kane, Evelyn Sekac, Mary Ellen, Nick Siciliano

General Membership Meeting - March 3, 2017
De-cluttering Your Home - Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell

General Membership Meeting - April 7, 2017
Social Gathering

(Left to Right)
Gloria Hannemann and Jim Nanos

(Left to Right) Susana Bauza, Amalia Moise, Orieta Blanca

(Left to Right)
?, Yvonne Bohm, ?

(Left to Right)
Jean Icart and Evelyn Sekac

(Left to Right)
Linda Romano and JoAnn Brown

(Left to Right)
Nancy Curchillo and Johanna Kane

(Left to Right) ?,
Vernell and Frank Spencer

Valerie Vismale

(Left to Right)
Adrienne Eastman and Ellen Edelstein

(Left to Right)
Phyllis Goodwin and Nick Siciliano

General Membeship Meeting - May 5, 2017
Bird Watching - Ronda Brooks, Presenter

Year End Luncheon
June 2, 2017
The View - Oakdale, NY

(Left to Right)
Amalia Moise, Orieta Blanco, Adrienne Eastman

(Left to Right)
Gloria Hannemann, Anne Mygland, Marge Kerchner, Tony Gennaro,
Connie Gennaro, Mary Ruffino, Barbara Mascaro, Marty Hochheiser

(Left to Right)
Carol Comerford, Phyllis Goodwin, Vernell Spencer

(Left to Right)
Edith Filosa, Ellen Edelstein, Susana Bouza, Amalia Moise,
Orieta Blanco, Adrienne Eastman, Carmela Criscione

Brentwood High School Scholarship Night
May 26, 2017

Jim Nanos presenting scholarship awards

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