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General Meeting - September 6, 2019
Welcome New Members
Health and Wellness - Presenters: Dr. Tom Davies & Wellness Team

New ROBS members left to right Bonnie Jean Murphy, Jacqueline Welch and Janice Brown

(left to right) Charlie Grimes, Dr. Tom Davies and Lori McBride

Dr. Tom Davies

Dr. Tom Davies

Dr. Tom Davies

Dr. Tom Davies

General Meeting - October 4, 2019
Benefits of Massage
Presenter: Eva Thomas, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

Eva Thomas

Eva Thomas and Frank Spencer

Eva Thomas and Frank Spencer

Potpourri Sachets

RC21 New Retiree Brunch - October 18, 2019
Villa Lombardi Restaurant
Holbrook, NY

New Retirees: Mary Bonardi-Sullivan, Aida Genovese, April Hamilton, Elizabeth Igneri, Milagros Pares, Kathleen Pisciotta, Lucille Purpura-Otto, Elizabeth Rahne, Jacqueline Welch

* * * *

(Standing L to R) Jacqueline Welch, April Hamilton

(Seated L to R) Lucille Purpura-Otto, Aida Genovese

Elizabeth Igneri

(L toR) Elizabeth Igneri, Aida Genovese, April Hamilton

High Tea - October 23, 2019
Hidden Oak Cafe - Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Oakdale, NY

Carmela Criscione

Sue Lanchantin (L) and Maureen Finnegan (R)

(L to R) Ginger Battiste, Kris Dougherty and Ellen Edelstain

Anne Mygland (L) and Carol Comerford (R)

Front Row L to R: Janet Verdi, Maria Canale, Lois Morella, Back Row L to R: Kris Dougherty, Ellen Edelstein, Carol Comerford, Ginger Battiste, Phyllis Goodwin, Barbara Terlecki,

Silent Auction - November 1, 2019
American Legion Hall
Brentwood, NY

Carmen Roldan

Carman Roldan

(L to R) Nick Siciliano, Phyllis Goodwin, Nancy Churchillo

(R) Barbara Mascaro

(L to R) Lynda Romano, Nickie, DiPietro, Barbara Terlecki, Diana Spagnuolo, Barbara DeLilllo

(L to R) Susanna Bauza, Letty Sustrin, Susan Lanchantin

(L to R) Valerie Vismale, Ellen Edlestein, Barbara Mascaro, Nancy Churchillo

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